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Monday, 21 September 2009

Introducing A Busy Year

A Busy Year is a kinaesthetic,auditory, and visual programme developed to support visual learners who find it difficult to access the mathematical curriculum through traditional methods. A Busy Year provides a multilayered approach to the early mathematical curriculum as this teaching tool would reflect the models of Bruner,Cockcroft, Piaget and Liebeck and it would support the DO-TALK-RECORD (Bruner)and also the Cockcroft model of Exposition, discussion, practical work,consolidationa and investigation.
The programme has tried to address the most important points of mathematical concepts and language as identified by Barthorpe (1992).
Barthorpe (1992) identified eight areas related to the teaching of mathematical vocabulary and these are as follows:
1.Receptive Language
2.Expressive Language
3.Word Recognition
5.Instructional Vocabulary
6.Informative Vocabulary
7.Transfer of Vocabulary